• Yoga One Studio - East Side (map)
  • 1437 E. Brady Street
  • Milwaukee, WI 53202

The physical practice of yoga is about movement. Every posture is filled with information about how we got there. But how is the moving structure of your body coordinated? Are there organizing principles to movement?

In this workshop we will break down the classic Surya Namaskar sequence using Functional Movement Integration as a framework to observe and analyze movement and intention.

As you reach up in Urdhva Hastasana, what is the pelvis doing? How does this relate to the movement of the shoulder girdle and the spatial intention of the eyes? How do these relationships shift and change as you fold forward?

Functional Movement Integration gives us the language and tools to understand these coordinations, to clarify the intention and to analyze the result.

This workshop is appropriate for students and teachers alike.

Enrich your practice. Expand your language. Embody the movement.

Yoga One - East Side Location

Sunday, November 27th | 2-4pm

$30 pre-register / $35 day of