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Thinking In Activity | A method and map for better movement

When you were a child, moving naturally was… well… natural. You moved as you were designed to move, but over time tension and strain can become a normal part of life. That natural way you moved as child is still there, but you’ve picked up a lot of habits that get in your way and those habits have taken control of your body while you’re just along for the ride. Fortunately, there is a way you can unlearn those habits and relearn what’s natural.

The Alexander Technique gently reminds you of your original operating system and helps you get back into the drivers seat of your own body. This common sense awareness has helped countless people over the past one hundred years move more comfortably, safely, and efficiently.

By exploring Developmental Movement that occurs in human beings we are able to construct a vocabulary for understanding our most innate movement patterns. Combined with the AT, we get a method and a map for better movement.

Join AmSAT certified teachers, Steven Moses and Jaimi Patterson for an afternoon of exploration and play.

**Please dress comfortably**

**Note that the Alexander Technique is a hands on method**

**Registration for both workshops is encouraged, but not required**

Saturday, March 5th    

10 - 11:30am | Alexander Technique

12 - 1:30pm | Developmental Movement

$35 Individual Class | $60 Both

Sign up here:  http://www.yogaonestudio.com/workshops/